Check the Challenges first! EU-IoT1, IoT Interfaces:Augmented Reality Interfaces based on the Smart Mirror concept Far Edge:Sustainable IoT via TinyML Near Edge:Sustainable MEC applications Infrastructure: Simulating Time-sensitive and Deterministic networking IoT applications   Data Spaces:Sustainable, user-centric smart mobility European Factory Platform:IoT services for Manufacturing
  • Sub-challenge EFPF1: Semantic matchmaking for the support of environmental monitoring of the shop-floor. You will be using the open-source EFPF TSMatch gateway to improve the existing apps, or to improve the interconnection between TSMatch and the EFPF Data spine.
  • Sub-challenge EFPF2: Evaluate the EFPF SDK in developing digital smart manufacturing applications. You will be using the EFPF SDK studio to create applications.
  • Sub-challenge EFPF3: Evaluate the usability of the Data Spine for the creation of composite applications. You will be testing the EFPF Data Spine and its usability, proposing specific improvements.
  • Sub-challenge EFPF4: Analyse industrial data coming from EFPF partners and provide insights based on the EFPF analytics tools. You will be working with open-source Machine Learning Libraries and propose applications for the visualization and analysis of industrial data.